Wait, I Don’t Know What My “Magic” Is

When I was a kid, I had a giant pet peeve. When my brother would brush his teeth, he would get too close to the mirror and tiny little toothpaste splatters would go all over the mirror. So, when I was putting on my mascara or fixing my hair, I was looking at myself through the nasty polka dot pattern on the glass.

Fast forward to college. I had one roommate and we had to share one bathroom. Hooray. No more toothpaste splatters, right?


It only took a few days to realize that my new roommate had exactly the same gross habit as my little brother. And I was STILL looking at a polka dotted mirror every time I washed my hands or put on make-up.

Seven years or so later, I got married. And we bought a house with double sinks. I’m not joking when I say I did a happy dance all around the new house. For the first time in my life, I had my OWN sink and mirror. I was thrilled.

Until the day I walked past my mirror (about a week into moving into the house) and saw toothpaste splatters on MY mirror.


Oh, my friend.

It had been me THE WHOLE TIME.

I had gone years. Like over a decade. Believing that everyone else was responsible for those nasty little dots of toothpaste. I had pointed fingers. I had judged (silently of course.) I had been frustrated for years about something I was doing all along.

That was a humbling moment. Insert head slap.

I tell you that story because sometimes the hardest thing to see clearly is ourselves.

If you want to see yourself more clearly, you have to make an intentional effort to get to know yourself. Be in a constant state of action and reflection. Ask yourself questions like: What comes easy to me? Where am I and what am I doing when I receive compliments? What do people ask when they come to me for advice? What went well today and why? When do I feel the most confident and happy?

Then ask your friends. Sometimes asking other people about their perspective can really open your eyes.

And if you really want insight, hire a coach. I cannot place enough emphasis on the role of a really good coach in your life. Those relationships can be life-altering.

If you don’t yet know what your “magic” is, take heart. I’ve been trying to figure out my magic for ten years. I finally think I have a decent handle on it, but I’m learning new things about myself all the time. Finding magic takes time and work. Most people don’t do the work.

Don’t be most people.

Harness your magic.


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