Create Luck, Live Your Magic

I went from not writing for a decade, to writing and speaking for small groups, to writing for a magazine, to writing for celebrity authors. And the transitions happened pretty quickly. Once I committed to doing the things I felt created to do, doors began to open.

Was I lucky? Yes. I’ve always considered myself a “lucky” person. But calling something “luck” minimizes the fact that someone took action prior to the lucky break.  Luck doesn’t just happen out of the blue.

You have to put yourself in the path of opportunity.

What is it that you can do right now to start moving forward? Can you take an art class, or join a book club, or go to a poetry jam? Could you take a leadership course or a workshop for entrepreneurs? Can you take a nutrition class and teach a fitness class at your local gym?

You don’t have to know how to create a lucky break; you just have to begin to take steps that move you in the direction of discovering and living your magic.

Lucky breaks require work. If no one has told you that yet, then let me be the first.

Luck won’t come looking for you if you are sitting on the couch.

Take action. Do something. Make a Move.


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